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RyeType, Inc. Design and Typography began in 1992 when we bought our first computer, a Macintosh LCII, and a small printer, and opened a very small office. A few clients came to our newly-formed company from an Atlanta typesetting company, and some have remained clients ever since.

As the printing industry changed with the introduction of new technologies, RyeType’s client base changed to serve individuals, other designers, and large and small businesses. In the late nineties, RyeType began working with small marketing agencies and offered copywriting services to regular clients.

RyeType provides copywriting and production for 
all printing projects: Letterhead/envelopes/business cards, posters, signs, or flyers and postcards, 
contracts and internal forms, employee manuals, 
and human resources materials, as well as art for promotional materials and billboards. We can also prepare PowerPoint presentations for your business and create fillable pdfs based on existing forms.

RyeType just might be 
who you want to use 
for graphic design work.
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